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 Tips for Tours to Petra Jordan :

Petra tours



Tour Departure days :

Our company is a Leading tour operator and  provides daily tours to Petra Jordan we are the only tour operator that gives you a guarantee for a daily departure from Eilat to Petra and there are also more tours from Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem

What to Bring to the Tour :

  • With all of our experience in the Petra tours field we recommend that you bring the following things :
  • Bottle of Water ( 2-3 Liters Per person ), your Passport ( Original ) and if you have Multi Nationality Passports please bring them both , in case you have Isaraeli passport you have to cross the border to Jordan and back to Israel only by Him .
  • It is necessary to bring to the tour comfortable shoes to walk there are some rocks and sand in the Petra Siq way so it would be better for you .
  • Small change for the horses and guide is also recommended , in case you will need to to take the horses in the Petra site ( we don't recommend it , better to walk )
  • You will need some small change, something like 3 USD or 4 USD not more . It is for the man who leads the horses , the horses themselves are included in the tour ticket .
  • When you finish the tour it is better to TIP your guide , of course in case he was good . The average tip is 5 USD  .
  • In the Summer time that is between June and August in Jordan it is also recommended to Bring a hat for keeping out of dry Heat .
What is not allowed to bring to the tour in Jordan or allowed:
  • We recommend that you dress conservatively.  
  • No short shorts.  
  • Shirts that cover the shoulders.
  • Women, it is advised that if you want to wear shorts, please wear some that cover your knees.
  • Forget about all the information you got till now from Travel agents and the Internet.
  • To Jordan you can bring water and sandwiches with no problem at all.  Of course everything needs to be done in a good taste and not to bring 50 gallons of water or 50 sandwiches .

What is not allowed to do in Jordan while touring: 
  • In the Jordan Heshamite Kingdom it is not allowed to photograph any police or army personal without their permission . 
  • You are not allowed to offer money to any police or army personel.

Souvenir Shops in Petra:  

  • If you need any souvenirs from Petra Jordan first of all don't forget to argue a lot about the Prices they offer or give you for any products usually you can get down the prices at least 2 times less.
  • In case you have big bills of USD or Euro like 100 or more keep them away from the eyes of the seller in the shop or keep the big bills in your hands until he gives you the change they don't like to give change back and they will try do everything to part you with your money in the shop.  
  • But the best way is to change your big bills for small before you get to Petra itself.  

Security and Safety in Petra and Jordan: 

  • For the last years and especially after UNESCO declared the Petra Site as 1 of the 7 Wonders, it became safer.
  • On the way to Petra from the Border you will have security and Police posts every 5-10 KM.
  • In the site of Petra itself you also have security and the police in every 2-3 KM.
  • Let us ensure you that Petra is truly one of the safest places in the world .

Tax Borders:

  • As you probably know there is a border tax fee that you need to pay when you cross the border.
  • The border tax is a fee that you pay when you leave certain countries and this concerns both Israel and Jordan also.  
  • The border tax fee for both of the sides Israel and Jordan together is 65 USD per person .

Tours to Petra

Visa requirement to Jordan:

  • If you didn't make it already, we can help you make the visa at the Border of Jordan "Fast visa " (but of course it will cost you 75 USD Per person) and of course we will need to know about this in advance of a day minimum . petra day tour
 Multi Passports Or Israel Passports 
  • If you need to cross any of the borders of Israel or take a flight to any destination you will need by law of Israel to show your Israel passport by your departure and arrival.
  • If you have 2 passports Israel and any other country you also will need to show the Israeli one at your departure from Israel .
Local Currency and do i need to change money ?
  • Regarding the local currency , the local currency in Jordan is Jordan Dinars that equals to 1.5 USD in average or to 1 EURO  also in average
  • If you need to by souvenirs or anything else in Jordan you can use any currency you like such as : USD, EURO, NIS all the shops know the exchange rate and they are ready to take any currency you will give them ,
  • If you need to change money from USD or EURO or ISRAEL SHEKELS to Dinnars we recommend you do this on the Jordan side it will be less commission for you to pay and a better exchange rate .

Getting to Petra Jordan tour from Tel-Aviv or Jerusalem :
  • Our company offers a few ways on how to get from Tel-Aviv or Jerusalem to Petra here are the ways,
  • The first option that is the most comfortable is to take our Flight package to Petra this package includes flights to Eilat from Tel-Aviv and back. The cost of this package and more information you can read on our www.Petra-trip.com website in the Jordan tours category.
  • There is an option of taking a bus from Tel-Aviv, it is the night bus that has a departure at 00:00 PM from Tel-Aviv or 23:30 PM from Jerusalem.
  • The third option on getting to Petra is by car , rental or private to the Border leave it there secured and safe , going on the tour and return back by the same car .

Difficulty in the Petra site :

  • The way in Petra is a little difficult, part sand and part stones, by our experience in the field of Petra tours in the last 7 years, there is no special difficulty walking in the Petra site.
  • In case you do have some physical problem by walking we recommend taking the special transportation in the Petra site and here you have Camels, Donkeys, Horses, and Horses with Carriages .

Getting lost in Petra possible or not ? :
  • The Site of Petra consists of 33 quadro KM and it is very easy to get lost.
  • You need to follow the guide or go by the Siq road that goes straight all the time.
  • If you follow the guide, you won't have a chance to get lost.

Insurance to Travel Jordan :
  • By traveling to a different country you are always recommended to take insurance.  
  • Our advice if you are travelling by yourself take out a private insurance policy.
  • Most travelers already take out insurance when they buy their plane ticket.
  • If you have done that then you are covered.


Tour to Petra Jordan


 Travel to Jordan by yourself or by tour company : 

  • After so many years of the same important question regarding what is better going by myself to Petra or by tour company? We are here to finally answer you : in case you are going by your self you will have no organization or tour company that will meet you in the Jordan side while crossing , the cost of the tour will be higher because you will have the following payment in this Petra day tour:
  • Jordan and Israel Border fees - 65 USD per person
  • Transportation to Petra and Back - depending on what car but approximately  150 USD
  • Tour guide to guide you during walking in the site  - 100 USD
  • Lunch approximately 25 USD Per person 
  • Petra 1 day entrance fee : 128 USD Per person 
  • The total will be: 666 USD for 2 person .
  • Remember all of this is not organized so it is harder to do immediately.
If you would like to book a tour by our tour company, the cost will be, 250 USD and everything is made for your comfort and pleasure .

This was our 15 best tips for the Petra tours in Jordan
We wish you a pleasant vacation in Jordan or in any place you choose ,

Written by : Artium Dostman ( Manager of Booking-tours.com )
Pictures : original pictures taken by Artium Dostman in Petra Jordan



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