Petra the amazing wonder of the World

Travel by yourself guide

Petra Jordan is one of the 8 wonders of our amazing world, by traveling there you can see amazing carved stone, you can be amazed by the beauty of the treasury "Khazne", the passage that is the "SIQ" and be introduced to the local culture.

To start our individual tour you need to get to Eilat City that is located on the best location on the borders of Israel to Jordan and Aqaba city. After you are there we pass this border for the start we will need to pay a small exit tax (border tax fee) to leave the country.

Some people are asking why we need to pay this if we are exiting only for 1 day of touring.  I have to admit that at some point you are right, it is not fair, but also you can check and get to know that anyway we are traveling on our world we are always paying the same tax like in the example of flights we are being charged of fuel tax. Fuel tax is not the tax which you pay for fuel no! It is the same tax that you pay for exiting the country you want to leave. So this is just a small example of its existing in some other places.

So to continue, after you have paid the border tax you need to continue to passport control of the Israeli side and stamp your passport , for this you need to remember several issues , if you have an Israeli passport together with another nationality passport while exiting Israeli you will need to show only the Israeli passport and this is by the law of Israel for both entering and exiting the country , to enter the Jordan Kingdom you will need to show any passport of yours it is less meaningful but if you do have 2 or 3 nationalities it is recommended to show not the Israeli one , this is for faster border passing .

After you have passed the Israeli and Jordan border you will need to get transportation to the Petra site the average cost for a taxi is about 70$ each way.

After 170 KM 2 hours of driving you will get to this amazing site, first of all you will need to get the entrance ticket to Petra, and here you have 2 options, one is to get the 1 day ticket to Petra  Eilat that cost is $145.  It is less recommended and very expensive, so you also have the second option and take the 2 days ticket that has the cost of $70, but for this ticket you will need to stay at least one night in Jordan, it is recommended to do so, usually if you are not looking for something fancy  it will cost you between 40$ - 50$ in average and it worth it because by this difference you earn this night for free. To make a booking for the hotel you can use BOOKING.COM OR EXPEDIA websites that would help you make the booking safer and faster!  

Before you go in the site of Petra you also have the option of getting yourself a guide there the approximately cost of which is between 75$ - 100$ for 3 hours usually. After you have made the amazing photos and traveled in the site, you can go back to the border of Arava by a taxi. Or stay for overnight there in Petra, by the way if you choose specific days you can also enjoy the night show in Petra that gives you the full feeling of the Jordan culture with amazing light show with candles and music, the ticket to the night show cost 15$ per person and it is very recommended .

And of course in regards to food in Jordan, the food in Jordan is very nice and it is much recommended to visit the Petra Magic restaurant that offers you a full buffet with a variety of oriental and local food, the usual cost of it is 15$ -20$ per person . So I hope I could be an asset for your next trip to Petra Jordan and hope you can use this small guide for it!   

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