Places of Interest in Jordan


Amman- the capital of Jordan.  Amman has been destroyed by many earthquakes and natural disasters, it remained a small village until 1878.  Ottoman records show that in 1906, 5000 Cirassians were living there and almost no one spoke Arabic.  When they built a railway linking it to Damascus, the city flourished.  Today it is the most populated city in Jordan with an estimated 4 million people.


Azraq and Shawmari- is in the middle of the desert, and is the only permanent source of fresh water in about 12,000 square kilometers,.  The area near Azraq has hundreds of geoglyphs set into the ground.  They are wheel- shaped structures that are made of stone.  They date back over 2000 years.


Jordan Valley and Dead Sea-  the Jordan Valley flows into the Dead Sea from the South.  The Jordan Valley is said to be where Jesus’ baptism took place.  The Dead Sea is the lowest point on Earth.  It is the deepest hyper-saline lake in the world.  The depth is 304 meters.


Al Karak - is a city that is known for its Crusader Castle.  The castle is one of the 3 largest in the region.  From Karak you can see the Dead Sea.


Aqaba- is Jordans only coastal city.  Aqaba has been a settlement since 4000 B.C.  It is a tourist town, has great diving, snorkeling, and beautiful beaches.


Jerash- its fertile lands allow the growing of a variety of crops.  It is also the site of the ruins of the Greco- Roman city of Gerasa.  Excavations show that Jerash was inhabited in the Bronze Age 3200 B.C. – 1200 B.C.


Ajloun- is a hilly town in Northern Jordan.  It is famous for its amazing ruins.  On the site of an old monastery you can find the Ajloun Castle.  The castle used to control traffic from the road connecting Damascus and Egypt.


Irbid- is heavily populated with around 1,088.000 people.  Before Islam came onto being, it was famous for wine production.  They had a great quality of grapes.  Since the Muslim conquests it has switched to making olive oil.


As-salt – is built in the basin of 3 hills.  On one of the hills is the site of a 13th century ruined fortress.  It is known for its fruit and vegetables, olives, tomatoes, grapes and peaches.  The whole town is made up of beautiful yellow sandstone buildings.


Mabada- is located in central Jordan.  It is well known for its Byzantine and Umayyad mosaics.  There is a large Byzantine mosaic of the Holy Land.


Umm Qays- is on a hilltop where the Northern Jordan Valley, the Golan Heights, and the Sea of Galilee join together.  There are plenty of ruins to see here including a temple, theaters, collonaded streets, and aqueducts.  You can still see the ruts in the streets where the horse drawn wagons made their mark.


Bethlehem- in the bible is where David was crowned King of Israel.  The New Testament says that it was the birthplace of Jesus.


Bethabara- was the site in the New Testament where thy baptized Jesus by John the Baptist.  It is also the site of 2 other miracles, crossing the parted waters of the river Jordan, and the prophet Elijah being taken to heaven on Chariots of Fire.


Pella- is the site of ancient ruins.  In the North of Jordan, the archeologists are still excavating today.  The site is home to one of Christianity’s earliest chuches.


Hamat Mayan (hot springs)- are a bunch of mineral springs and waterfalls that can be found between Mabada and the Dead Sea.  About 6 km. after this, there are hundreds of prehistoric chamber tombs.


Umm El Jimal- is a Northern village known for its ruins.  They are from the Byzantine Era and it was an early Islamic town.  There is also an older Roman village which is located to the South of the Byzantine ruins.


Desert Castles- were built between the 7th and 8th century.  The castles have been partially rebuilt.  The are great representatives of early Islamic art and architecture.,


Iraq el Amir- has a lot of fresh springs.  The place is famous for their olive trees.  There are also many caves here that date back to the Copper Age.


Dana- is a small village in Central Western Jordan.  It has a famous nature reserve, and it is very picturesque.



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